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What We Offer

We offer the families who work with us part and full-time nanny services, babysitting services, and more. We’re proud to match families with only the most qualified caregivers. Read on to learn more about our wide range of services, and contact us to schedule an appointment.

Newborn Night Relief

Sleeping Baby

We understand how hard it is to get a good night's rest while having a newborn in the house.  Our Newborn Night Relief services offer an extra set of hands for our new parents. This will give the parents a chance to have some self care time, peace and quiet, or just time to catch up on some sleep! We take our time to hire the most qualified staff for your family. Let our Newborn Night Relief take the time to feed, cuddle, and rock your little bundle of joy to a peaceful sleep while following your nightly routine. This also includes overnight stay, light housekeeping, laundry, and other ways to make your night a little easier.

Family Helper

Cleaning the Counter

Don’t you just wish that you could clone yourself so that everything can be tended to all at once? Need some extra support around the house? Our Family Helper service will assist you with your day to day needs in your home! This includes housekeeping, helping the parents with the children, and other daily needs for the household. There’s no need to  overwhelm yourself. We understand that it takes a village and it starts as soon as you allow us to help! 

Date-Night Sitter


Hey Parents! Are you two ready for a romantic night together, but can't seem to find a reliable babysitter for the night? Well look no further! Our Date Night Sitter will handle it all for you! Get online to request a date night sitter within 48 hours,get an approval, and we will send a qualified Date night sitter right to your door! Enjoy your night knowing that your children are  in good hands! 


Quality Time Outdoors

Do you have plans but can't seem to find a babysitter? Do you have errands to run but can't bring the children with you? Well here’s your chance! Get online to request a babysitter within 7 days prior to the requested day, get an approval, and we will bring a babysitter right to your door! Don’t worry, our babysitters will provide fun, compassion, and will make sure that they will follow along with your household routine for that day. 


Feeding the Toddler

Feel calm about leaving your children with an experienced and qualified Nanny. We are passionate about who we hire, which is why we have a five-step evaluation process to hire the best match for your family. Our nannies are ready to safely  drop off/pick up your children from school, help with homework, provide light housekeeping around your home, handle newborns and toddlers, but most of all, they know what's best for the children!

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